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Kay is brought you by me, Kay Savetz. This is one of the first sites I founded under the "umbrella," way back in 2005.

I was one of the early advocates on online-based faxing and I've maintained a guide to Internet fax services at // since 1994. Some have even described me as a "fax guru." I also have a faxing q-and-a blog at //

My goal is to offer easy access to top-notch printable forms, charts, letters, and more. Here, all of 556 fax cover sheets are free to download and print. You can choose a PDF or an editable DOC file you can type directly into before printing and popping it into your fax machine, or simply uploading to an online fax service. (In fact, I also run the convenient, easy-to-use site FaxZero, which has free and cheap options for sending online faxes in the U.S. and internationally.)

These fax cover sheets are not available anywhere else on the Internet. I've been growing this collection since 2005 and am proud of the variety of cover sheets you can choose from, for business and personal use. There are even holiday faxes and faxes for kids. is not like some other sites, which just kind of "grab" printables from various places without concern for copyright, quality, and so on. I'm not like that. These fax sheets were all created by me and my team. 100% made by humans, not AI. In fact, I'd really appreciate it if you could do me a favor and let me know if you see these fax sheets anywhere else on the web, because they're not supposed to be there.

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